Before you begin get clear on your why.

Do you know your why? The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do?  I love working with individuals in transition to help them discover their why. This process is based on Simon Sinek's work. And while you may be tempted to do it alone, trust me, this type of work is best done with another person. The Why Discovery Course has three parts. 

Part 1 - Gather your stories

Your Why comes from your past experiences. In Part 1 you will be identifying several stories from three major areas of your life - Work Life, Life Outside of Work, and Early Years. 

Part 2 - Share your stories with a coach

It is challenging to discover and articulate your Why by yourself. In Part 2 you will share the details of a few stories you identified in Part 1 with me. We will then work together to form the basis of your Why statement. 

Part 3 - Test and apply your Why

Your Why makes a difference only if you do something with it. In Part 3 you will have the chance to refine your Why statement and get some tips and ideas on how to put your Why into action. 

Discovering your why can help you get clear on a number of your work/life concerns. The total cost of 3 coaching sessions including access to the online Start With Why Discovery course is $475 CDN plus HST. Payment can be made by Apple Pay or Credit Card.  

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