Looking for a speaker for your next event?

I have experience in public speaking, delivering keynotes, lectures and workshops globally for a variety of audiences. I love speaking to women's groups and have been the keynote at many retreats. References available on request.

Topics include:

Living in a Liminal Place

Women find themselves in places of constant transition. But we aren't often prepared to handle them. One of the challenges when you start asking questions about your beliefs, , your relationships, your community or your practices is a feeling of disconnection. This topic affirms that it is possible to move through these changes, ask difficult questions and emerge on the other side stronger and more resilient than you thought possible.  

What Do You Expect?

A look at understanding expectations and how they impact everything from your family, your marriage, your co-workers and your community.  Getting a grasp on how to manage expectations will reduce conflict, improve your relationships and create stronger communication. 

Contact me to find out more. I prefer to start with a conversation about your group and event. I'll build a dynamic session based on your needs.