Understanding yourself is a key step in personal and professional growth. If you are in a life transition - at any stage of life -  the MBTI® assessment can help you understand your strengths, your preferred working styles and ultimately help you see your potential. I've administered hundreds of assessments and know that the MBTI helps provide self-awareness and clarity of purpose. 

In addition to self-awareness, understanding your temperament can help you navigate change and transition in your life and work with less stress. You will discover what you need to create the conditions where you can move forward from a position of strength. 

To view a sample assessment download here.

Schedule a 90 minute MBTI assessment and coaching call. You will receive a link to an online assessment to complete prior to our call. Your assessment results will be sent to you during the coaching session.

Cost:  $175/individual assessment.  

Couple or team sessions can also be arranged.