Real connection happens when you get clear about your expectations. Your ability to manage expectations is central to building healthy relationships, both personally and professionally. Understanding where our expectations come from, how to have realistic expectations and how to communicate our expectations will contribute to less disappointment and anger in the workplace and in our lives in general.

Every day we navigate a minefield of expectations. Not only do we have expectations for ourselves, we also live with the expectations and perceived expectations of all of those we interact with.  When we begin to look at our disappointment and frustration through an expectation lens we begin to be able to clarify and communicate more effectively.  You can think of managing expectations as learning to communicate clearly so you can connect about the what really matters.

Managing Expectations is a 1/2 day workshop available for your team to get you talking about the areas that are causing conflict and holding you back from achieving your best.

Contact me to discuss how this workshop can be brought to your organization.