When my children were young and we were driving somewhere one of them would ask me, "Mommy, are we lost?" I would always say the same thing, "No, I am just trying to figure out how to get where we are going."

I think of that often when I think of my life's journey. I know where I am heading I just don't know how to get there.

When your beliefs change or differ from the people closest to you, you may feel lost or they may describe you as lost.

The truth is you are not lost.

In fact, you probably have never been more found! You've just shifted from following a map someone handed you to learning how to use your own compass. You are taking a different route to get where you were going.

You are on the path to wholeness.

I work with women who are in the midst of doubt and questions about the beliefs they have held and cherished for a long time. It can be lonely and frightening to move from a place where you had all the answers to living and accepting your doubts and uncertainty. You may have been disappointed and let down by the organized church as well. You just don't feel like you fit any longer.

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