Come Sunday: The Truth Hurts

For most of my life I have been interested in spiritual journeys. My own story has had some surprising twists in it! So I was curious when I saw the trailer (below) for the movie Come Sunday.  Thanks to the ice storm I had time to watch it this weekend. This movie documented so much of what I've seen happen in my life and in the lives of others. We start with a certainty of belief. We are confident. We may even be arrogant. 

But suddenly, we are faced with a different perspective. It may have come through a crisis. It may have come through a growing feeling of disconnection within ourselves.  We experience doubt, fear, disbelief, anger, disillusionment. Questions begin to form and the old answers don't work for us anymore. We feel simultaneously like we've seen the light AND terrified that we are going down the wrong path.

If you've experienced a spiritual crisis you may have actually found the courage to verbalize your doubts and questions. You may have been shut down by the people around you. Or they may have given you the advice you would have given someone in the past: pray more, go to church more, find accountability, serve more. You may even try it but the questions don't go away. Or you may have had the good fortune of friends who were mature enough to support you without judgment. In any scenario, I'm sure it was painful. 

What I enjoyed about this movie is that it showed the cost of speaking truthfully. It cost this pastor everything to be honest. Everyone wanted him to stay the same. The system was working for them and his honesty was an unwelcome disruption that impacted so many people on so many levels. His crisis was their opportunity to examine their own beliefs.

I'm not here to comment on his theology or beliefs. Or yours! I'm here to say that when you change your beliefs, when you can no longer pretend that you are OK with the system you have been participating in, the journey has just begun. 

I provide spiritual coaching for women who are on that journey. I'm not going to tell you what to believe. I will help you hold the questions. I believe the truth will set you free. You need a place to speak your truth. You need support as you align your life with what you really believe. 

In the movie, Come Sunday, Bishop Carlton Pearson, shows how difficult this process can be. Watching it reminded me of how important it is to have people who support you in the process. Unfortunately, your community may not understand what you are going through and you can feel quite isolated.

Contact me if you are ready to align your life with what you really believe. I'd love to talk about how I can help you find the courage within to live truthfully.