Shiny new things

Stationery is one of my guilty pleasures.  I started a shiny new journal today. I’ve been using the same journal for a record breaking 18 months and I was down to the last 15 pages. New things are stirring and I wanted a fresh notebook to hold these beginnings. I let my granddaughter pick it out. Well, I gave her three choices to pick from. If I had given her free reign at the store I would have a glitter covered journal with a unicorn on the front. She chose pink and shiny though and that makes me smile.

A little trivia for you: I have been thinking of how the word journal and journey appear to have the same root. Being a good Canadian I recognize the word jour from my public school education. It is French for day. A journal is a place where you keep a daily account. A journey originally meant a day’s travel or work.

I’ve spent most of my life focused on the spiritual journey. And trust me it is more than a day’s travel. It has no end. At least I don’t think it does. But we can talk about beliefs further down the road.

I spent some time today reviewing the past decade in my journal. What stood out for me was how much movement was involved. I moved from one city to another, went back to school, travelled to 15 different countries - some multiple times. But more significantly there was a major shift in my faith. I thought of this quote I recently read. 

Journeying is the predominant means of developing one’s self in this culture, not the habitation of place. It has been true of me. Always the seeker. Yet at this place in my life, when I look at my house at the edge of a marsh, I want to learn how to be in it. I want to behave like a finder as much as a seeker. The irony is that I had to go on a elaborate journey to figure this out. So much of my growing older seems to be about paradoxes. The reconciliation of opposites. The bringing to balance.
— Sue Monk Kidd, Travelling with Pomegranates

Whether you are seeking or finding, setting out on a quest or sitting by the edge of the marsh, whatever stage you are at in your spiritual development, I hope my work helps you reconcile any of the paradoxes you are holding - even if you end up recording them in a sparkly unicorn journal.