Spaces are not neutral - some are sacred.

This weekend I was visiting a website and one of those annoying-but-effective pop-ups opened. It read, "Your inbox is a sacred space."  Of course, the intent was that they would honour my inbox, my sacred space, by only sending me valuable content. My reaction was:

D E B U T S I N G L E-3.png

I guess I could be grateful that the idea of sacred space has become so mainstream that websites that have nothing to do with the sacred or spiritual are now using the phrase. I didn't. I felt that the sacred was cheapened when I saw that pop-up.  I am grateful that it prompted me to spend some time this week writing about sacred spaces - what they are, what they are not, where to find them and why they are important!

Spaces are not neutral

Have you ever had the experience in a space where you felt like there was something deeper at work in that physical environment? Maybe you've experienced it when you have been out in the woods or sat by the ocean. Or maybe you've experienced it when you entered someone's home or a place of worship. Maybe you've experienced it in a cemetery or perhaps it was in the middle of a very loud and busy coffee shop. I'm guessing you haven't experienced it when you look at your inbox.  

Whenever and wherever you've experienced it - I'm sure you know what I am talking about. Spaces are not neutral. Space and place have a big impact on us. Take some today with the questions below to pull on your own insight. I'll give you my perspective the rest of the week!

Your Truth

Think about the idea of a sacred space - don't read anything or get anyone else's thoughts right now. I want you to approach this topic intuitively. Listening to your own experience and deep wisdom.  Sit with the phrase sacred space.

Consider these questions: 

  • How do you define 'sacred'?
  • What is the difference (is there one?) between space and place?
  • What makes a space feel sacred?
  • Have you ever felt a place was sacred?
  • What were some of the qualities or characteristics of that space and experience? 

I wish I could hear your answers! If you feel like emailing them to me I would love to read them. Tomorrow we will continue on this topic. Pay attention today and see what comes up for you in the spaces and places you inhabit.