Making Peace with Geckos

I am not a big fan of the gecko. When I share that with most people they gush about geckos like a new grandma gushes about her grandbaby (guilty). "Oh, they are so cute." or "They eat mosquitos. They are great to have around." (Side note: So do bats but no one is gushing about them.) I feel like I have to defend or hide my gecko issues.


I am convinced that geckos have that cat like ability to be drawn to the person in the room who least wants to be around them. And so when I travel to a warm climate, I know they will seek me out. They will find my room and wait until just before I turn off the light to make their appearance. When I compare notes over breakfast the next morning with my travel companions, I usually discover they didn't have any geckos in their room. So, recently when I travelled to Cambodia I expected to see a gecko in my room. I've been there four times in the last few years and I have had the joy of the company of geckos and other lizards every time. I wasn't disappointed. There on my FIRST night in the hotel, a large(ish) gecko made it's jubilant appearance on the wall across from my bed. As I lay there looking at it and wondering if it had a twin on the wall right behind me, I decided to take a different approach.

I decided to try and understand my enemy. I

've been really interested in the spiritual significance of animals in the past few years. It may seem a little out there to some of you, but in many cultures, including indigenous cultures and Celtic cultures, animals have symbolism and there are beliefs that animals cross our paths to teach us something. There is a belief that all of creation is imbued with spiritual meaning. I'm open.

So, was it possible that the gecko could teach me something?

Thanks to jet lag and Google I spent some time learning about the gecko. I discovered that it is known for self-protection and regrowth. The gecko when threatened will drop its tail as a decoy and can regrow another one. It symbolizes that natural cycle of life. They are said to indicate that it is time to stand on your own and make your views and presence known.

I decided it was time to make peace with this creature. Peace not friendship. I thanked it for showing up in my room. I told it to help itself to all the mosquitos and I would try not to freak out when I saw it dart across the wall. (Yes, I talked out loud to a gecko.) And then I turned the light off. Would you be surprised that I rarely saw my friend after that first night? In almost two weeks I only saw him a couple of times. I guess other people needed a lesson.

For further reflection:

Who or what do you need to make peace with? Is there a message in something you are currently experiencing? How can you be more open to hear from a voice that you may not be comfortable with?