I disagree but that doesn't mean you are wrong


I was just listening to a podcast today and they were discussing theological differences. The guest mentioned that when someone has beliefs we don't agree with we need to stop saying they are wrong. That makes sense to me. But then she said, "We need to just put our beliefs aside and continue being in community and working together." 

I'm not sure I agree. And that is awkward. For one thing, I don't know if we can put our beliefs aside. Or that it is necessary. There is a space between saying you are wrong and completely ignoring our differences. I think it would be great to be able to say I disagree and talk about our differences. Not to win or prove that we are right but because it is how we learn and expand our thinking. I've understood why others have their beliefs because we have talked about them. I can respect their position because they have articulated it to me.  As soon as someone wants to shut down the conversation completely and say we need to just focus on the things we can agree on I get concerned.

You might disagree.