Ducks in a row

Are your

Have you ever felt unsure of what the next move is in your life? You can't go back but you aren't quite sure what forward looks like? I have been sitting in that space this month. I have a clear idea of what I want to do and who I want to serve, and I want to move into that space with integrity. I'm just not exactly sure how it is going to unfold.

In a recent blog post I took a big step in saying where I want to focus my work going forward. I expected that I would have a number of people unsubscribe from my newsletter. I didn't have anyone unsubscribe.

I was talking to a friend recently and she said, in response to my newsletter, "You are not there yet. I'll know when you are there. It will be clear." And what I heard was, "You have no idea what you are doing." To be fair, she didn't say that. She said, "I don't think you are there yet." She was encouraging me to push even further into the work I want to do around spirituality and women.

But for some reason I became fixated on having everything sorted out before I started doing anything. Yesterday I was reflecting on our conversation. "You are not there YET." And I realized that I've been waiting until I am completely clear what products and services I'll be offering my clients. I've been trying to get all my ducks in a row.

But here's the truth: I'VE NEVER HAD MY DUCKS IN A ROW.

And neither have you .

Maybe they were for five minutes but chances are something happened and then very quickly those ducks were out of line.

I work with women who don't have their ducks in a row! How's that for a tag line? I get transition. As women we are often in transition. I understand that in between space we often find ourselves living in. For me the most difficult transition has been around the changes I've made in what I believe and how I practice my beliefs. It was difficult to leave behind something that was so significant at one point in my life. And yet, staying the same is not an option. As Rob Bell says, "Once you have seen, you can't unsee. Once you have tasted, you can't untaste." Letting go of having my spiritual ducks in a row was a big deal for me. (Am I pushing this metaphor? Probably.)

If you are tired of trying to keep up the appearance of having your ducks in a row this space is for you. If you feel like you are swimming in circles. Great. If you don't even know which direction you are heading - welcome. You are in the right place. Together, we'll come up with a better metaphor for this crazy life. Let's stop listening to that critical voice - or as a wise woman once said, "Shut the duck up."