What's Your Super Power?

I haven't seen the new Wonder Woman movie yet but I am planning to go soon. I love movies about strong women. And I have a weakness for superhero movies as well. I also love the question, "What's your superpower?"

I think we all have strengths that seem really ordinary to us but other people look at them in amazement. And because those things are easy for us we don't even recognized them as special abilities. We can easily down play our strengths to the point where we can't even identify them. So what is your superpower? What do you do better than most people you know? What do people come to you for advice about? Or ask you to help them with? Or admire you for? Not sure? Coaching can help you with that. 

Recently I was at a friend's house getting a lesson in gin. I know! If you are going to take a class on a beautiful summer afternoon why not make it a gin tasting class? I had no idea there were so many types of gin or how nuanced the taste can be. I also know my superpower is not my palate. My friend has a palate for gin. My mother has one for food. She can taste something in a restaurant and go home and recreate it. Definitely a super power. It got me thinking about how great it is when people share their gifts. I was encouraging my gin girl to pursue her desire to start a blog about gin. I am sure there are lots of people who would be interested in what she has to share.

And then I came home and thought about how easy I think it is to start a blog and how often I have helped other people start a blog. Maybe my super power is helping other people share their strengths! So, I am considering putting together a 4 week online course on setting up a blog. If you are interested email me.

I'll let you know the details. If enough people respond I will make it happen. And if you know someone who has mentioned that they would like to start a blog, please forward this to them. Have you been wanting to start a blog? Are you stalled because you don't have any idea how to get it going? Let's leap over the technology barrier in a single bound.