You already know the answer

Earlier this spring I developed plantar fasciitis. To be honest, my foot had been bothering me for months but it was bearable. Earlier this spring it became intensely painful and I needed to take action. As part of the treatment plan I was told to rest my foot for six to eight weeks. I normally walk between five and eight kilometres EVERY day so not walking had an impact on a few areas of my life. One of them is my weight. Walking daily allows me to keep my weight at a place I can live with and still eat potato chips regularly. Suddenly I was gaining weight - and not where I wanted to gain it either.

The common sense solution would be to stop eating potato chips. Did I? No.

And now ten pounds later, I need to do more than resume walking. I need to stop eating the way I have been.

I was thinking about whether I should do something more - like join a weight loss program. But here’s the truth: I know what I need to do. I need to stop consuming more calories than I am burning. It's pretty basic.

Here's the thing. You are the same. You know what you should stop doing to improve your life. I don’t need to tell you. You don’t need to read another blog post, order another book or download another podcast (unless it is mine!).

You already know.

For some reason, we like to focus on what we need to start doing. Like starting a diet or a weight loss program. Or starting a budget. Or starting to exercise. Or starting a journal.

Before you can start something you will need to stop something. Maybe you need to stop procrastinating or stop avoiding the situation. Maybe you need to stop watching so much Netflix. Maybe you need to stop lying to yourself.

Whatever it is you need to stop so you can make room for better choices.

Take a few minutes and think about this question:

What is one thing you could stop doing right now and your life would improve?

What is it? What is the one thing you could stop doing to improve your life?

Think about it. You already know the answer.