Free Course on Goal Setting

I am always learning. I actually thrive on it. While others are gardening or visiting with friends on the weekend I have put in about 15 hours trying to figure out how to use a new platform for online learning! And I'm energized by it. Of course, sitting on my back deck with a cider while I'm working hasn't hurt. 

So why am I working on a course on goal setting? 

I'm doing it because I am in the midst of launching a bigger course in June on "Five Proven Ways to Achieve Your Goals." As I worked on it I realized that I made an assumption! I assumed people had goals they wanted to achieve. Or should I say articulated goals!  So, I decided to put together a free course for those of you who may not have taken the step to actually create goals. It isn't rocket science. The course is actually a form you can download with some instructions on how to complete it. You know what you need to do! 

Sign up below...and get started!

Before you can focus on achieving your goals you need to have some! I've created this easy course to walk you through how to set SMART goals. If you get stuck anywhere let me know! I'd love to help. 

Are you ready?