The Freedom of Routine

It's Sunday. And for me Sunday is the day that I prepare for the coming week. It has been for most of my adult life although the way I spend the day has dramatically changed.  My typical Sunday morning now starts with breakfast in bed. I get up whenever I want, make tea and go back to bed with a good book. It's my favourite way to ease into any day and one I reserve almost exclusively for days of rest. 

At some point I get up and get organized for the week. It varies from week to week but it always  includes:

  • taking care of anything hanging on from the last week 
  • going through my email and dealing with anything unresolved
  • reviewing any goals for the upcoming week
  • transfering everything for the week into my Passion Planner.*  I manage these things electronically in a calendar but on Sunday everything gets written out for the week
  • scheduling breathing space and fun in my week (walks, family and friends, Happy Hour, etc.)
  • reviewing my calendar for the next few weeks to know what is coming
  • creating and scheduling my to do list for the upcoming week

And then once it is all done, I relax. If there isn't anything on socially then I read, journal, watch a movie or listen to podcasts. Most Sundays are a very restful day for me. Guilt free. I usually get to bed at a decent time and I'm ready for the week.

I know a lot of people resist planning. They feel like they are boxed in and trapped. I find it completely freeing. When I'm relaxing I am not avoiding what needs to be done. When I'm doing stuff I don't love doing, I know I've got some fun built into my schedule. And - I've got flexibility. A lot of what I do can be moved around if needed to create space for something sponatenous.  

It's one of the ways I live in integrity with myself. Honoring who I am and the people in my life by creating space for what is important to me. Later this month I will be relaunching my program on Achieving Your Goals in a new format. If you are interested in knowing more about how to establish routines that support achieving your goals email me and I'll send you the details when they are ready. 

*If you order a passion planner add my email when you check out as a referral.  After 3 orders I get one free and I'll give it away.