Throwing Caution to the Wind

Have you ever done something really spontaneous? Said 'yes' to something that was way outside your comfort zone? Said 'yes' to something that didn't make a lot of sense in your life right at that moment? Put yourself out there in a way that felt awkward and potentially embarassing?

I did that this week. 

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me a casting call. (I'm not even sure if that is the right term - I think I picked it up from TV.) It was a listing from a casting agency looking for a 'silver fox'. OK, I'm giggling just thinking about that term in the context of how I view myself. A Silver Fox is a person with white or grey hair. I do fit that description and I thought it would be an adventure. And let's be honest with 3 days left on this 30 day blogging challenge I'm looking for fodder.

My friend has recently started a career in acting and has been finding it to be a real adventure at this stage of life. I had just been with her and she seems so enthusiastic about this new career that I decided to respond to the agency. I sent off my pictures and the details they wanted (height, weight, and age). Of course, I lied about my weight.

And that was that.

Except they emailed a few hours later. And then called to see if I got the email. And set up an audiiton today. I've never been on an audition. I've seen some really awkward ones online. And some really good ones. Damn you, YouTube!

When I heard what the successful candidate was going to be paid for the commercial I decided to go for it. Why not? 

I knew nothing about what I was getting into. I read in the email the instructions about what to wear and that there were no lines. I was pretty sure I could show up dressed appropriately and not say anything. I was supposed to wear gym clothes and I consulted with a friend on what people wear at a gym. I selected the appropriate outfit (apparently I wear gym clothes everyday!) and off I went.

Here's some of what I learned:

  • Make sure you give yourself extra time. I was a little late and was greatly relieved to be running up the stairs - like a person who goes to the gym - with a woman who was 20 minutes later than I was.  
  • When they say there are no lines it doesn't mean you aren't expected to talk. After the photos were done, the director asked me to talk about how I felt about my body. I was not expecting to have to talk about anything. Fortunately, I am very comfortable talking about myself. I am grateful to my body. It's keeping me alive. Carried two pretty awesome kids. Has been relatively healthy and most days works pretty well.  I love my body. How could I not?
  • Don't lie about your weight - they asked me to get on a scale.
  • When they say 'show as much skin as you are comfortable showing' they might ask you if you are comfortable showing a bit more. I'm comfortable showing my ankles. Apparently they needed to see a little more - nothing indecent though.
  • When they ask you what type of exercise you like to do responding, "Do I look like someone who exercises?" may not be the best response. Nor may be a speech about why you don't like gyms.
  • Everyone wants the same thing - to find the right person for the job. 
  • It's really good to put yourself outside your comfort zone and do something really out of the box.
  • Acting is not easy.

So I didn't get a call back. I did sign up with the agency for their 'Real People Roster'. I'm really happy I put myself out there and went on an audition. I would definitely consider going to another one. It's good to throw caution to the wind once in a while.