Gift Idea #4: Problem Solving for Kids

I love kids book. I have collected them for years and had a hard time parting with my childrens' books when they were done with them. I've saved some of my favourites and now I have an excuse to get back to buying them again. 

I've recently come across two books that I think need to be on every kids book shelf (and maybe most adults as well. They are by the same author and they are absolutely delightful. I can't wait until my granddaughter opens her Christmas gift so I can read these to her!

The story and the illustrations are so great in this book. Every one has problems! But what do you do with them? In this book the child can't get away from his problem and needs to learn how to deal with it. "I wished it would just disappear. I tried everything I could to hide from it. I even found ways to disguise myself. But it still found me." 

 Click on book covers to purchase.

Click on book covers to purchase.

Got a great idea? This book explains to kids what to do with a good idea. I'm pretty sure this will be a good one for my grandson. Hint: Diving off your bed head first onto a towel is not a good idea. I'm sure there are lots of really good ideas in that cute head of his though. I'll be reading this one to him soon!