A short post for the end of the week

Early morning is my favourite time of day. I'm either walking by 6 am or sitting with my journal and a book and a cup of tea. This week my morning ritual is reading. I've just discovered Tim Macartney ("Mac"). His book Finding Earth Finding Soul: The invisible path to leadership is resonating with me in the deep places. 

I'm going to leave you with a short quote from the book. As I digest this book you can expect more of Mac's thinking to inform my writing.

"Until we rediscover reverance for life, for our Earth, for all the beings with whom we share our lives; until we perceive mystery without then needing to deny science, until we set about our own personal development as human beings - seeking wisdom, growing compassion, healing ourselves of believes that are hurtful to ourselves and to others  - we will never attain true freedom and our word will lurch deeper into crisis. 

We have to grow fast. Spirit moves in us all. It is what brings us joy and urges us to strive for meaning and purpose in our lives. Spirit inspires you and me to be generous, to gasp at the huge presence of the ocean, to search for love in our lives, to dig deep and seek the very best of which we are capable."

I have nothing to add.