Do we have enough warriors?

Today's blog post addresses a trend that has me curious. It may sound a bit like a rant. In fact, I debated calling it #mondaymouthoff.  The good news it will be short and hopefully will convince someone to rethink the language they use.

I've noticed a big uptake on the word 'warrior'.  I've read about love warriors, creativity warriors, environmental warriors, sister warriors, social justice warriors, warrior scholars, warriors-of-light, etc. The list goes on an on. I even saw something for Peace Warriors. 

If language matters then maybe we need to sit back and think about the use of this word being used so pervasively in our lives. 

By definition a warrior is a person engaged in warfare. Or a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics. (Source: I think it probably means something more than being a member of a facebook group or having read a book or watched a youtube video on a topic. 

It just seems to me that so many people talk about being pacificists. Or being anti-war. Or wanting to be peace makers. I hear a lot of people talking about a lot of ideals. And I see a lot of hate and violence playing out in our world. 

Maybe we need to start thinking of a better way to express our deep commitment to change and our desire to see a better world than using the word 'warrior'.  That's it. You can go back to whatever you were doing.