Start With Why

In the past few months I have been working through a process to figure out my WHY. (I've been using a process developed by Simon Sinek and I will include links in the bottom of this post to every resource mentioned, so stay with me now!) 

Your WHY is really your purpose. I've been around for a while and I have noticed that books like this surface every so often. They resonate with a large audience who want to live according to their values and make a difference. In the 90's it was The Path by Laurie Beth Jones and in the 2000's it was The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren (especially if you moved in Christian circles). I'm sure there have been others but those are two that came to mind immediately for me. 

The journey of discovering my 'why' coincided with a year of endings. I've been finding a lot of the work I was doing was not resonating with me. I decided not to continue pursuing a certain type of work. I had been working with a team in a consulting company. I've changed my role there recently. I've had some endings in other areas of my life as well (another blog post, for another day). All I know, is that I am at a stage of life, where I am ready to focus on what is most important to me. 

Transitions are a time of transformation. 

If you are familiar with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs then you know that once our basic needs are met, we find ourselves wanting more. At the top of his pyramid is 'self-actualization.' I am aware it is a gift to be able to do a deep dive into exploring my why. It means that my basic needs are being met. So the first thing I suggest you do if you are at this stage is be grateful. As eager and hungry we are to do meaningful work, the opportunity to explore it is a gift of being affluent. 

I'm still refining my WHY, word smithing reallybut right now I am articulating it as:

To encourage people to live truthfully so that we can heal our world.  

I realized that a theme running through my entire life is authenticity. I don't perform well in places where I am playing a role. I struggle in relationships where people are not being honest or truthful. I've done a lot of work in this area myself and feel like it has taken me most of my adult life to get to a place where I am willing to live my truth. It's not easy! 

As I started to read and get more into the Start With Why process, I decided to become a facilitator. I went through it myself with a coach and I know how helpful it was for me to share the process with another person. It takes a while to go through the process. I think I spent about two months working through it myself but that was over the holidays and I lost a little momentum!

If you are in a transition in your life and/or if you are feeling like you want to do work that aligns more closely with your purpose, get in touch. I have a two spots available right now and I am offering them at a deep discount of $375. When they are gone the price will increase to $500. You may discover at the end of the process that you are in the right place, you just needed to be reminded of why you were there to begin with. You may discover that you want something else and this course will be the foundation for you to start moving into that space. 

Resources Mentioned:

Start With Why TED Talk


Start With Why by Simon Sinek

The Path by Laurie Beth Jones

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren