What have you learned recently?

NOTE: This is the final post in a series on the three questions that I recommend that you reflect on as part of your growth. Just to recap the questions are:

What has happened so far this year that I am truly grateful for?

Who have I connected with that has really inspired me?

What have I learned about myself recently?

You can click on the links above for the first two blog posts.  And now, to the subject at hand.

What have I learned about myself recently?

I never cease to be amazed at how much there is to learn! I thought by the time I reached a certain point in life I would have it all figured out. Spoiler alert for my younger readers - life is full of surprises.  

At a recent team meeting with my business, we took some time out of a very full two day agenda, to do some team development. We used a popular assessment tool that helped us to identify our individual strengths and as a result, our teams strengths and the gaps on our team. When I first received my strengths report I was a little disappointed. Three of my top five strengths were in the domain of relationship building. I had secretly wished to be stronger in execution!

After the retreat I scheduled some time to think about what I had learned about my strengths and my desire to have different strengths. I realized that it is my strengths in relationship building that inspire me to help organizations and individuals! I really believe that we are stronger together. Our organizations and families are only as strong as our relationships.

I believe that my habit of reflecting and using a learning journal is one of the most important disciplines in my life. We each have so many experiences and so much information coming at us each day. It is so easy to have these ‘aha’ moments and not capture them in any significant way that enables us to learn from them. When I suggest you asking yourself ‘What have you learned lately?” I realize that you may not have a formal system or approach to capture that learning. I’ve create a worksheet to help you understand how to create a learning journal. It will be sent to subscribers. If you haven't subscribed to my blog click on the link in the banner and it will be sent to you as well. 

 If you are interested in a webinar on the topic please let me know. If enough people are interested I will plan one for September 2016 with a full walkthrough on creating a learning journal including more details on what I do.