How reflection can help you get a grip on that 'time flies' feeling

Today is June 1st. I bet at least one person will say to you or maybe you will say to someone, “I can’t believe it is June already. Where is the time going?” Perhaps it will be a variation like a text I received from my daughter today saying she can’t believe her daughter is going to be two this month. Ha! I can't believe my daughter has a daughter!

Where is the time going? 

It can be a jarring question but one you can answer if you are paying attention and practicing reflection. I’ve been using a planner this year that has built reflection right into it. At the end of each month there are a series of questions on a two page spread that give me an opportunity to reflect back on the previous month. Those questions include lesson learned, things I am grateful for that happened in the month, areas I could improve on and how I am managing my priorities. I don’t know about you but I need to be intentional about reflecting and spending time answering these questions has been revealing and helped me to rethink how I am spending my time. (If you are interested in the planner I’ll put the details at the end of this post.)

Be intentional about reflection to be aware of where your time is being spent.

In addition to the monthly reflection, there is a mid-year reflection. It is more of a reset. An opportunity to revisit your goals and dreams for the year and refocus or realign with what you said you wanted to accomplish. I haven’t done it yet. It shows up at the end of June. I have another 30 days before I face the music! You can also use apps to track time or even use a time log to show you how you are spending your time. You'll have some hard data to look at and it may surprise you. 

Try tracking your time.

I have been developing my own coaching model that is based on my own experience and strengths as a coach. I’ll be talking more about it in this space in the next little while. My experience in working with individuals and teams has shown me that we need to continually have times of reflection in our life. These moments of reflection will remind us of what is core, or what we thought was core and is no longer important to us. We can see what is bringing us joy and feeding our souls. We can see what is pulling us away from what we want. 

Create a life worth living.

I wouldn't go as far as Socrates who said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." I would question whether you are really living your life if you aren't taking time to reflect on it. I know how easy it is to go from day to day, month to month, year to year, wondering where the time is going. Take some time to reflect today.  Here are three questions to get you started:

  1. What has happened so far this year that I am truly grateful for?
  2. Who have I connected with that has really inspired me?
  3. What have I learned about myself recently?

I’ll talk more about those three questions in coming blog posts and why I chose them. If you are feeling stuck or frustrated or disappointed with where you are in your life, try reflecting on what is core to you.

Check out the Passion Planner by clicking on the image above. I have been using it and find it really helpful in keeping me focused - and I can use all the help I can get! I also love their business model. They give away planners to people who would benefit from them but can not afford to purchase one.  They also have an ambassador program so if you decide to order one please use my email address when you order (  Any extra planners I receive as a result I will give away on Instagram. I'll announce it in my newsletter so make sure you sign up!