New and improved!

Sometimes when I am updating the apps on my iPhone I actually click on the little arrow next to What's New and look to see what changes have been made in the app. I am guessing that I am in a small minority of people who enjoy reading these updates. Mostly it is fixing bugs and improving the stability or performance of the app. But sometimes it is a complete facelift or update of the app. I love reading what the developers write for those people like me who want to know what has changed.  The latest Tumblr app update said “5.7 is a slice of heaven that lets you send inbox spammers to hell.” Those developers didn’t actually just solve a problem - they made users the equivalent of God being able to send spammers to hell!  I appreciate their enthusiasm.

Last week I met with someone I used to work with in a previous life. Well, not actually a past life, but the person I was when we worked together was so different from the person I am now it might as well have been a past life. The good news is that I like the current me better than the me I used to be! Unfortunately the journey from Sandy 1.0 to Sandy 5.70 wasn’t a straight path. There were a lot of bug fixes, performance improvements and sometimes just some straight up stability issues addressed so I didn’t completely crash. And there were a few big new releases as well.

When you are in transition you are in the process of shifting. You are no longer the person you were but you aren't quite where you want to be either. I can’t map out the changes that will happen in your journey from who you are to who you want to be in a straight line. I can guide you through them. I can help coach you through identifying whether or not the best place to focus on is getting stability, improving performance or fixing a few bugs in your life. Contact me to set up a 20 minute complimentary coaching call.  And start dreaming about that new release of you.