Don't let the voice in your head hold you back!

In the last few weeks I have been recording a podcast with a colleague. It is something that I have wanted to do for quite a while. In fact, about fifteen years ago, I actually mapped out a whole series of recordings for women in leadership to listen to on their commute. It was an idea that excited me and at the time, I imagined it would be available on CD - a monthly subscription idea.  I never followed through on the idea but about a year ago, I started floating around the idea of doing something similar as a podcast.  And now we are about to launch it and I am feeling a little scared!

The voices of self-doubt and self-criticism are really loud when you are doing something new.

For those of us who do coaching, we are keenly aware of the voice of the saboteur in our conversations with clients. However, when I am in the middle of creating or doing something on my own, it can be more difficult to silence that critical voice. In fact, the closer I get to the big launch day, the louder that voice has been getting. You know the voice - the one that says:

  • Who are you to launch a podcast?

  • People are going to think you are self-absorbed

  • People are not going to like it

  • If it isn’t perfect/great/top 10 on iTunes I’ll have failed

  • You aren’t Brene Brown

Today, I had to have a serious talk with that critic! In fact, I got out Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and reminded myself that fear and creativity are travelling companions - my job is to keep fear in the back seat and not let her drive.

The voice of the critic is fear based.

When you are going through a transition and/or beginning something new, it is normal to feel fear. Your critic is trying to protect you from doing something crazy. The problem is that you are probably not doing anything crazy.  It may be new/uncomfortable/challenging/different or any other descriptors but that doesn’t mean it is crazy. And it certainly doesn’t mean you should pull back.

I have friends and colleagues who have started dating after long term relationships have ended, or started new jobs, or started new businesses.  Some have packed up and travelled the world - or in one case sailed across an ocean. All of this took courage and facing their fears. If you want to join company with women who have reframed their lives and are embracing change and transition - sign up to be notified when my podcast launches. Let’s silence the saboteur together!