Are you ready to handle all the expectations of the Christmas holidays?

Even though I am Canadian, our family has made it an annual tradition for over 30 years to celebrate American Thanksgiving. Over the years, I have noticed that there is a new tradition that seems to have actually eclipsed Thanksgiving in popularity. It is Black Friday sales. In fact, I seem to hear more about the sales than I do about Thanksgiving these days. Even in Canada we now have not only Black Friday sales but also pre-Black Friday sales.  Both my mailbox and inbox are stuffed this week with flyers and promotions. All of it designed to make us feel like the road to happiness is found in deep discounts and purchasing more. 

This year Black Friday falls on November 25th. It is exactly one month before Christmas and for most of us we will experience mixed feelings. Along with all the yuletide joy we will begin to feel overwhelmed with the expectations we have for ourselves and for others in the next month. Your list probably includes getting together with family and friends, work events, shopping, wrapping gifts, decorating the house and so much more.

I’ve created a short FREE email course on managing expectations at Christmas. It includes 3 emails that will take you about ten minutes a day to read and reflect on them. The first email will be sent on November 28th so sign up today here. I will help you focus on how to manage your expectations this Christmas.

But don't wait for the course. You can get started today! Take some time time to think through and talk through this question with your family and loved ones:

What do you need this year to be able to say, “that was a great Christmas”?

Let's begin this season getting clear on what we really want.