Being in transition is uncomfortable.

It It is natural to feel stuck, anxious and lost when you aren't where you want to be in your life.  We go through many seasons and phases in our lives. Changes happen. 

Has something ended or is it time for an ending?

Are you considering going back to work? Finding a new career path? Wondering how to create a meaningful life? Planning for retirement? Looking for your tribe or soul mate?

It's not unusual during these changes to find ourselves need to refocus, reevaluate and realign our lives. 

Your transition is a call to transformation.

You want answers and all you have are questions. You may feel an incredible amount of pressure internally and externally to know what is next and to be able to give leadership in those places you influence.  Take a deep breath, live with the questions. They have a lot to tell you about what is next. 

Think about any major change that has happened in your life. You may have personally lost your job or had a health crisis. Maybe you have had to move as a result. Or a significant relationship ended.  Professionally, you may have been assigned a new team, or your company has been sold or you have been reassigned to another area of work. You may be the 'answer person' that was just hired to lead your organization into the next phase of development.

If you aren't experiencing any change right now you can count on it in the future. One thing is certain - today will not be the same as yesterday.

I use the word 'liminal place' to describe that threshold feeling. It feels like you have one foot through the door and one foot on the front porch and you aren't sure where you are heading! 

Transitions are creative and chaotic. They give us a chance to redefine, question, create and dream about what is next.  Get started. Change your story and change your life.