What happens when two women from two different generations get together to talk about the issues that are encountering in their lives? They start a podcast.  Along the way we had to confront some of the challenges I take you through in my workshops. We asked questions like these: What if we fail? What is no one listens? Who are we to start a podcast? 

Reframe Your Life is a podcast specifically for women who have had a 'little life experience'. We know who we are, we our well on our way in terms of having already made some major life decisions. You won't hear us discussing child care or furnishing your first apartment. 

You will hear us discuss everything from fear, values, resilience, relationships, reality, transformation and more. We interview people who have had to reframe their lives and dialogue about the mindset we need to achieve our dreams. 

I co-host this weekly podcast with Jo-Anne Gibson. Together we encourage you to lead your best life as we explore topics and issues that challenge us!

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