How do you know when it is time to end something?

Sometimes we have no choice in endings. And that can be painful.

And other times we just don't know when it is time to bring closure so we can move on.

Have you ever wondered:

  • should I leave my job?
  • is it time to retire?
  • why do I keep spending time with someone when we have nothing in common any longer?
  • is it time to move into a bigger/smaller space?
  • should I relocate?
  • what do I do now that I am in a new season of life?

Decisions about when to end can be stressful. We can drag them out far too long. Our indecision or lack of a process to help us decide can hold us back from having the life we really want.

I help people in transition end well. 

Are you wondering whether it is time to leave a job, a relationship, a career?

Are you hesitating to go after what you really want because you aren't sure how to end what you are doing right now?

Before you talk about what's next you need to think about what is and how to end well. It will make your transition smoother. Let's connect and put an end to what holding you back so you can begin to create the future you want.



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