Do you dream about:

Saying what you really think?

Actually showing up as the real you?

Being free from worrying what other people think?

You've done all the values work. Read all the self-help books.  You know what you want BUT...You don't want to be selfish. You don't want upset anyone. You don't want to disappoint anyone. You are afraid of being judged or criticized. So you tell yourself, 'It's not that big of a deal."  But it is!

Get clear on what you want and need.

Stop living in fear of what other people will think.

It's not easy. You've been taught and internalized to behave, don't rock the boat, do what's best for everyone else and put yourself last. Maybe those words were never said to you explicitly but the message was clear. 

And even though you've done everything you thought you were supposed to do you still struggle to really live your own truth. You fear the fall out in your life and relationships.

When did you stop trusting yourself? When did pleasing people take over your life?

It's time to Live Your Truth.

You have to start in the centre - reclaiming who you are. Start on the inside and walk out, turn by turn. It's not easy! 

I spent over twenty-five years as a pastor's wife before I found myself outside the church asking a lot of big questions. I was caught up in a system where I was trying to live a life that would please everyone else.  I finally stopped trying. I started asking:

"How do I start aligning my life so I am living with integrity?"

Anyone who has been in a spiritual crisis knows it is not easy to sort these things out. There are issues of shame, emotional pain, guilt, rejection, and a crisis of integrity just to name a few areas of struggle! Even if you don't consider yourself in a spiritual crisis, deep work is always spiritual in nature.

Are you afraid that you will hurt the people and/or institutions you once cared about?

And at the same time do you feel like you just can't keep pretending?

It took me years to really get to a place where I felt whole again. Where I really knew who I was and I was willing to risk the disapproval of other people so that I could live my life. 

For many years I hid in the corporate world where I could use my skills in leadership development and adult education in a context where questions about faith, spirituality and belief were not part of the curriculum. And I continued to sort out my own beliefs in the context of spiritual direction, therapy and lots of Happy Hour gatherings with friends. 

It was a long and winding road and I am in a place in my life now where I feel ready to help other women who are on a similar journey. And I know there are many of you. I meet you all the time. 

Are you tired of feeling like you aren't pleasing anyone - especially yourself?

Are you in a spiritual crisis

A spiritual crisis occurs when you experience a drastic change to your meaning system
(i.e., your purpose, goals, values, attitude and beliefs, identity, and/or focus).
This often occurs through an awakening to a new or deeper understanding of the world around you.

I've created an accessible spiritual coaching package to support you in this process. It's hard work but you will look back with deep gratitude towards yourself for being willing to step outside of your comfort zone so you could become the person you really are. 

I work with you to help you:

  • Identify beliefs that are holding you back
  • Explore practices that support your changing beliefs
  • Heal from trauma from religious experiences
  • Connect to your authentic self
  • Consider what healthy and healing community can look like now


Is it time to start looking at how you can move forward with integrity? Is it time to start listening to that 'still small voice' within you? Maybe it's time to experience the peace that comes when you finally stop worrying about what others think and start living what you really believe and know to be true.  It's time to start living authentically.

I can help.


And...can you help me?

I create content, share resources and help women who have become entangled in people pleasing, religous systems and other places that are keeping them from living authentic lives. I'm looking for women who want to support me in this process. You can find out more here:  


I've developed courses in a variety of formats to fit what works for you. You'll find online courses, webinars and email courses delivered in sequence to your inbox. 

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A podcast for women who are choosing to live and lead their best lives.  We explore topics that will help you Reframe Your Life. And we have a lot of fun doing it. 

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Looking for a speaker for your next event?  Explore my keynotes or better yet, get in touch.  I've got a message for your audience. 

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Everyday you are living with hundreds of expectations. Customers, friends, family, bosses, neighbours, and your own. It's time you understand how to manage them.

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It took me a long time to get here. 

I ended a major chapter in my life when I turned 50. It was the typical story of a woman who lived her life as a character in a lot of other people's stories. Then I started writing a new chapter. I started to ask myself, "What is true for me at this place in my life?" It took an empty nest, financial challenges and cancer to really get my creative juices going! Life as it was and had been came to a crashing end. 

You don't need a crisis to end things for you.  

If you are ready for something new, let's talk about where you are and how you can start to discover your truth and align your life to reflect it. We can identify what's not working and what you need to let go of so that you can move forward. Endings can be challenging but they can be done well. You can have good closure on a chapter in your life. Honour it and say goodbye with gratitude for what you learned. 

I write, speak and teach about the things that are important to me:

  • Living Truthfully
  • Sustainability
  • Spirituality & Faith
  • Leadership 
  • Managing Expectations


I prefer using the term learning catalyst to describe my work in learning & organizational development. I have worked globally helping organizations strengthen their performance by developing talent and getting clear on their organizational values and strategy.  I am a systems thinker who believes the best way to facilitate change is to understand the whole picture.

  • Over 20 years experience in some of Canada’s top organizations
  • MA in Leadership
  • CTDP
  • Certified MBTI practitioner
  • Certifed to deliver in-house programs by: Achieve Global, Michael Bungay-Stanier, and Eagle’s Flight
  • Previous Clients include: Air Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rotman College, St. Michael’s Hospital, World Vision and Opportunity International, to name a few.

If you want to know more about me - the credentials and testimonials are here.  

I post frequently on Instagram. Follow me @sandyareynolds