Good Enough

I’ve heard people say that we should stop aiming for perfection. In a world where products launch in Beta and things change rapidly, the most we can do is do our best in any given situation.  I’ve been really busy these past three months and as I wind down several projects where “Good Enough” was all I could do given time and other resource constrahourglassints, I have been reflecting on the outcome.  I’ve been reflecting on how I experienced my work during and after those projects were completed.

I don’t think “Good Enough” feels that great. I want my work to be excellent. I want to feel like my clients are extremely happy with the results they get. I want to feel like the things I commit to in my personal life are done really well so I can feel proud of the end result.  I’m rethinking the wisdom in “Good Enough”.  It seems to perpetuate and excuse overbooking, under delivering and mediocrity.  On the other hand, I understand that if we wait until things are perfect we may never get things done.

How do you strike the balance between ‘Good Enough” and “Perfect”?

the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing

I have one more deadline and then I have time to breathe again. It has been a crazy three months. Most of the crazy has been one client and multiple projects. One of those projects really stretched me. It was the source of most of my crazy feelings in the past few months. I had to enlist the wisdom of all of those people closest to me to understand why I felt so stretched. I realized that I was being pulled in a new direction.

Tidyig Do you ever feel a change coming on? You are not sure what it is but you feel unsettled in your soul? You are dissatisfied with the current state of your life? You have this longing and you aren’t even sure what it is yet? I’m there (again). I usually know I am in this state when I start getting an itch to organize. Sometimes it is a new planner or a new purse.  Sometimes it is rearranging furniture or cleaning up files on my laptop.  I stumbled across this book and it is feeding that urge to tidy and organize.  I’m really enjoying it and judging by book sales (2 million sold!!) I am not alone.

These pictures are of my drawers. Scarves, T-shirts and pants.  All folded using the ‘KonMari’ method. I love the idea of decluttering, organizing and appreciating what I have. This book will have you talking to your socks!

What are the signs in your life that you are due for a change or entering a transition? What tools do you use to help you through those times?

If you are interested in this book, click on the picture to be taken to my affiliate link to purchase it.



Wikipedia describes a crone this way:

The crone is a stock character in folklore and fairy tale, an old woman. In some stories, she is disagreeable, malicious, or sinister in manner, often with magical or supernatural associations that can make her either helpful or obstructing. The Crone is also an archetypal figure, a Wise Woman.

I like the facet in that definition of being a wise woman. I don’t think having a magical or superpower is such a bad thing either. Maybe in future episodes of the X-Men there will be a Crone. Maybe there already is a character with that name – I must confess I am not that up on the X-Men beyond the Hollywood movies.  I am working hard on understanding the imagery around ageing in our culture.  

The being older thing creeps up on you.  One day you are getting carded at the bar and then suddenly you are getting carded for the senior’s discount at the drugstore. I forget that the outside, the physical body, doesn’t match up with the way I feel inside. I forget how old I am and at times I fail to act my age (whatever that means).  I think that is why so many of us have been enjoying the Netflix series Grace and Frankie.  Here are two women, in their seventies, who are vibrant, have style and are living very full lives.  If figuring out how to be a woman is a challenge in our world today, wait until you get to figure out how to be an older woman!