Have you ever wished:

  • You were more focused?

  • You did the things you say you want to do?

  • You didn't feel disappointed with yourself and your lack of follow through?

  • You were more organized?

  • You had some sort of system to get things done?

  • You focused on the important and not just the urgent?

Do you feel like you aren't making progress on the things that you say you want to do?

I totally understand that feeling.

I have bought more planners and tried more systems than anyone I know. I call myself a 'planner addict'. And although I looked really organized I still didn't get things done! 

I had a list of reasons why I couldn't get things done. I put people first. It was my personality type. It was a 'season of life.' It was summer. It was winter. And on and on. 

I've been there. I have had to create processes that help me move forward and see results.

At the end of this course You will: 

  1. Have identified the barriers that are keeping you from getting results

  2. Be able to implement two routines that will enable you to make progress on your goals

  3. Know how to create goals that are congruent or rooted in your values

  4. Identify your own natural rhythms and work with them not against them

  5. Start taking action!

Pre-Register for Five Proven Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Explore how routines, rituals and rhythms can restore your ability to focus and take action. 

Available Online June 14, 2017

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I finally got tired of playing victim. 

In the past few years I have been researching and experimenting ways to be more focused in my work. I have discovered some surefire ways to get things done.

Are you tired of making excuses?

Are you ready to take action and start moving forward?

This course is the place to start. 

Do you want to write a book or start a blog or podcast? Get in shape? Be more organized in your life? 

Do you feel embarrassed when people ask you about a big idea you shared with them and haven't taken action on?

If you are still reading let me TELL you why I am doing this webinar. Listen here:


it's time to invest in the things you really want!